Most honorable thing for a person to do is to serve ones nation and people selflessly. We fully and confidently believe that, that day is not far when we Baloch people will be liberated through their gallant struggle and form a country which will be dedicated to the service of Baloch nation and humanity.


Balochistan is under attack from all sides. Pakistan and Iran have consistently worked to enslave the Baloch nation so that they easily exploit the mineral wealth and also accommodate their populations in vast areas of Balochistan. They have deprived Baloch people of all opportunities to live a respectable life but then what else can be expected of enemies. They have kept Baloch economically destitute and deprived them of education as well. The Baloch need to be masters of their destiny and for this they must find common grounds among different sections of Baloch Society to proceed towards Liberation. The very survival of Baloch race is at stake, we have to rise above petty differences for the sake of Baloch people. For if we fail to unite at this critical juncture of Baloch history it will be an unpardonable crime.



1.    Balochistan has been the stronghold of Baloch race and its ancestors. In the ancient history of the world, the glory of this world famous, Indivisible, sovereign nation spread over from Helmand to Gomal Rivers in north, Kerman in west, Multan in east, down to the seas is clearly mentioned. Baloch Nation is an entity which cannot be disregarded by any one.

2.    Pakistan and Iran have no moral, political or ethnic right over Balochistan. The Baloch have the right to an Independent, Sovereign Balochistan

3.      There has to be a broader based unity among the Baloch people but the parties and personalities that advocate subservience to Pakistan cannot be a part of this platform.

4.    Baloch Unity.org  presents this Baloch agenda before the political parties of Balochistan to save Balochistan and the Baloch Nation from the clutches of usurpers. It is the duty of every political party in the Balochistan to promise to safeguard the interests of the Baloch nation.

5.    The Baloch and nationalism in Balochistan are synonymous. Baloch national interest is indisputably the main current of Balochistan. Baloch interest is the national interest. Therefore, the honor and the interests of Baloch will be protected in every manner.

6.    Every nation has a constitutional denomination in their land. Only "Balochistan" Which has the ancient, glorious and historical connotations will have constitutional recognition.

7.    The patriotic Baloch all over the world should help towards the realization of an independent and sovereign Balochistan where equal rights and an honorable will be guaranteed to every Baloch.

8.    Mother tongue will invariably be the medium of primary education.

9.    The status of second official language accorded by certain states to Urdu or Persian in foreign script will be withdrawn.

10. The distorted presentation of modern, social and cultural history of Balochistan will be re-written by honest, patriotic and learned historians and archaeologists. The teaching syllabus shall be accordingly reformed.

11. National economic policy will be based on and self- reliance. We will fight to save Baloch economic and political heritage, we will fight against the looters of Baloch nation.

12. It shall be the moral duty of the Balochistan Government to protect the religious and cultural rights of non-residents and minorities living in Balochistan and to develop, cultural and social relations.


Do I have to be a Baloch to join Baloch unity.org? Are non-Baloch allowed to join?

All our Baloch brothers and sisters are deeply welcome to join our cause. Anyone can join Balochunity.org providing that they support the cause of Baloch and support forming a liberated and united Balochistan. 

Does Baloch unity.org promote Baloch Nationalism? Are you a militant organization? Who is behind your organization?

We are patriots and we love our Motherland and we want to see it liberated.  Baloch who love Balochistan and wish to protect Baloch nation and are willing to die for it are behind this organization. We are not extremists' but we are rather realists'.

Baloch Unity unequivocally demands an Independent and Sovereign Balochistan  

Baloch unity.org's views on Pakistani greed for Baloch national wealth like minerals?

The Baloch have an undisputed right over their resources. An independent Balochistan would demand compensation from the present occupiers.
What are your views on those Baloch who are currently holding govt. posts?

Traitors will not be tolerated. Until such time Balochistan becomes independent working with a view to further Baloch cause is demanded and expected of those at present in government service.

What are your views on discrimination against Balochi language in Pakistan and Iran?

It is an established fact that economic and political domination go hand in hand with obliteration of cultural and historical basis of a nation. It is no surprise that they are trying to destroy and demean Baloch language and culture. It should be resisted with all forces at our disposal.

Who in your opinion should rule Balochistan today?

The responsibility should be given to true Baloch nationalists who are sincere to Balochistan and Baloch nation and should be responsible to the people. 

Why does Balochunity.org preach Baloch nationalism?

A nation that does not preach nationalism is doomed.

Are you not flooding the minds of young Baloch youth to become violent in nature against all other nationalities?

Absolutely not, Baloch nationalism is not based on racist principles but is based on securing rights for the Baloch nation, so there is no question of preaching hatred.

What Baloch unity stands for?  

The Baloch unity demands the rights of Baloch nation.

  1. The right of Balochistan as an Independent Sovereign country..
  2. Owners of their resources.
  3. Elimination of illiteracy and tribalism.
  4. Elimination of poverty by using the great resources of our lands and using them on their benefits only.
  5. To fight the enemies old tactics to divide and rule policy.
  6. To stop and fight immigration of non Baloch in our lands and thwart attempts to turn us into a minority in our own country.
  7. Promotion of Balochi language and Brahvi language
  8. We demand an end to all mega-projects.
  9. We demand a real free press in Balochistan.
  10. Human rights in Balochistan.
  11. To promote unity among Baloch people, unity is must and vital tool to achieve what we fight for.
  12. To fight with all means available to us to regain our lost rights.

What are BalochUnity.org's future plans?

To promote unity among Baloch, to fight, to liberate Balochistan and Baloch rights.

Is conflict inevitable with Pakistan?

Yes, because they are not going to give up such a valuable region without a fight. The Baloch too want an Independent Balochistan at all costs.

Our Slogans are:

Protect Balochistan and Baloch Causes.

Motivate Baloch Pride.

Promote unity against Anti-Baloch propaganda.

Promote Baloch cause around the globe.

Educate your children on basic Balochi culture.

Support Baloch organizations and individuals.

Promote good-will and peace.

Fight selflessly for an Independent and Sovereign Balochistan.

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